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In our view

Our view : The TrueCall Call Blocker is a more sophisticated device with a higher price tag. It works by screening your calls, effectively acting as a receptionist, connecting the calls you want and blocking those you don’t. The unit keeps a list of ‘friends and family’ numbers and puts them straight through if they call. But if the caller isn’t on the list then it asks them to say their name – if they do so (apparently most nuisance callers hang up) your phone will ring, the unit will announce who’s on the line and you can decide if you want to speak to them. The phone has a number of blocking options and includes voicemail for calls you don’t want to take. You can manage your options online and see the calls you’ve blocked, although this optional service costs £20/year after the first 12 months.

Worried about Mum and Dad?

While the telephone is an essential lifeline, it can also cause problems for older and vulnerable people. They may be confused by telemarketing calls that they receive; they may agree to order products that they don’t need; they may be taken advantage of by unscrupulous sales people or scammers.

TrueCall Secure was designed to protect vulnerable people by dramatically reducing the number of nuisance calls they receive. It simply plugs in between the phone and the phone line and intercepts any unrecognised callers – friends and family get through but nuisance callers don’t. In independent trials carried out by Trading Standards trueCall Secure blocked 98% of nuisance calls for older and vulnerable residents. Carers can monitor and control trueCall Secure remotely over the internet checking the calls that have been received.

    • TrueCall remembers who you like to speak to and who you don't. It puts the phone numbers of the people you like to talk to (your friends and family) onto your Star list so their calls always get through. It puts the phone numbers of the people you don’t like to talk to (telemarketers, etc) onto your Zap list so their calls are always blocked. All other callers are handled using one of the profiles below:-
    • Standard Profile : This is the default profile, and it is the profile that suits most people. It asks unrecognised callers to identify themselves before ringing your phone. Most unwelcome callers will hang up and you won't be disturbed.
    • Secure Profile : This is like the standard profile, but it asks certain callers to also press a key to get through to you. This is recommended if you are receiving a lot of recorded message calls.
    • International Block Profile : This profile just blocks international call centres but lets friends and family who live abroad get through using a 2 digit code. All other callers get straight through.
    • Lock Down Profile : This is the most secure profile. Only Star list callers will be able to ring your phone, all other callers will be asked to leave a message. It guarantees that when your phone rings it is a trusted caller.
    • Custom Profile : We recommend this Profile for anyone who wants complete control over their calls. It allows you to choose exactly how you want trueCall to handle every type of call, and if you use the Internet Control Panel you can get trueCall do this differently in the day and at night - for example callers who are not on your Star list can be let through during the day and sent directly to voicemail at night.


  • The Internet Control Panel is an optional feature that is free for the first year after which there is an annual charge of £20.
  • trueCall Call Recorder allows you to make audio recordings of some or all of your phone calls. It also allows you to save any important voicemail messages (70 or 140 hours depending on memory card)
  • Plays a warning through the speakers if the phone has been left off the hook
  • Block certain outgoing calls (if wanted)
  • Installation is really simple - plug your phone in to trueCall, and trueCall into your phone socket!
  • All phones - trueCall works with a wide range of phones (corded and cordless), and it protects all the phones that are plugged into it. If you have phones plugged into multiple extension sockets we would recommend that you use a multi-handset cordless system.
  • All phone lines - trueCall Call Blocker works on both landline and cable phone lines from all the major networks in the UK. It works fine alongside broadband. You will need the caller-ID service from your network operator to access all of trueCall's features - this is normally free but some operators make a small charge.

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