Humantechnik Sonumax Listener - flexible TV listening


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This is a very well designed and flexible piece of equipment to allow TV listening. It is ideally suited to hearing aid wearers but also has the flexibility to use any type of headphones with a standard connector.

Sonumaxx is an infrared listening system that will allow you to hear and control the sound from your television without disturbing other users.

This system allows you to plug in any listening accessory that has a 3.5mm jack plug (with either Headset or Neckloop) and then control the volume and tone of the sound.

The Transmitter part of this system is mains powered and plugs directly into your sound source (TV, MP3, Hi-Fi, Radio, PC etc), the receiver part is battery operated, rechargeable batteries are supplied, however this system can also run on normal AAA Alkaline batteries.

This is a complete system including a Stethoscope Headset and a Neckloop


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  • Carrier frequencies: 2,3 / 2,8 MHz Audio frequency
  • Transmission range: 15 - 20000 Hz

Technical data: Receiver

  • Operating time per battery: approx. 30 hrs
  • Max. volume: approx. 120 dBA
  • Weight: 73 g (incl. battery)

Technical data: Transmitter

  • Power consumption: approx. 3,6 VA
  • Power supply: Transmitter: 12 Volt DC
  • PSU: 230 Volt 50 Hz
  • Weight: approx. 172 g
  • PSU connecting cable: 1,8 m