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This new tablet is extremely easy to use. it comes with a comprehensive and clear 100 page printed book giving step-by-step instructions to learn how to use it at your own pace. The camera resolution is excellent and ideal for WhatsApp calls with your friends and family. This tablet also has the ability to connect by mobile networks (using a SIM card) so if wi-fi is not available this is not a problem. We highly recommend this tablet for ease of use, including large and clear icons to navigate and the ability to use voice input, without compromise on the latest technology.

Emporia has designed and developed this tablet especially for people aged 65+. With a simple menu structure, large icons and tiles, a clear display and many other unique properties, it is perfect for seniors to learn about, and use, the internet.


Included in the box is a fully illustrated printed training book to help users learn at their own pace, and there is a useful stand that is particularly helpful when making video calls and doubles as a charging station.


Many seniors are just beginning to discover and engage with the new, digital world. They too need and want to read the news online, watch videos and send and receive photos. They need email and have a strong desire to get involved in the WhatsApp family group.


They are on Facebook to join in, find out where their next trip is going to, and they would like to do their banking from home. The emporiaTABLET - the easiest-to-use tablet available on the market - enables and supports all of these activities.


Often, older users do not have WiFi or home broadband and they can be suspicious and fearful of logging into a WIFI network on the go. The emporiaTABLET however, connects to the internet via a SIM card providing 4G/LTE which is less expensive than home broadband and means users can be online at home or away and can use WhatsApp on their tablets at any time to stay in touch.


Simple and user-friendly home screen and software design

emporiaTABLET - included:

Li-Ion Akku 5000 mAh

Type-C USB cable with a mains plug

Charging cradle including wall mount


Combined user guide and training book

SIM needle

Technical Specifications

    • Resolution: 10.1” Touch Screen
    • 4G, 3G and 2G mobile connection
    • Back camera 13 MP
    • Front camera 5 MP
    • WIFI 802.11 b/g/n/a dual-band, hotspot
    • GPS
    • Operating system - Android 11
    • Screen size/pixels IPS 10.1“/1200 × 1920
    • Processor MT8768/A53 2.0 GHz+1.5 GHz Octa- core
    • Memory(RAM/ROM) 4 GB/32 GB
    • Bluetooth 5.0
    • SIM card type Nano SIM
    • Port for USB charging cable : USB Type-C
    • Micro SD Card Slot max. 128 GB
    • Headphone port 3,5 mm
    • Battery5000 mAh


Emporia Tablet has a rating of 4.0 stars based on 2 reviews.