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In our view

This is a well built and in our opinion a very easy to use remote control. Many remotes that come as standard with televisions have far too many buttons; this simplifies it to the basics. It is easy to programme - just point the current remote at the Easy5 and it will "learn" the buttons needed. A great idea!

New in 2015, this remote control simplifies how you can use your TV. It has an "A/B" selector to allow you to control another device, such as a DVD player.

Easy to press buttons

Well-separated, easy to press buttons make using this product as easy as it should be.

Easy to understand

with only the most essential buttons there is no need to keep often over-complicated standard manufacture remotes.

Oversized buttons

Extra large, easy to press buttons helps operation and reduces frustration

  • Universal, works for all televisions
  • Easy to press buttons that are well-separated
  • Easy to understand with functions and menus that are intuitive and uncomplicated
  • Oversized buttons
  • User manual -
EasyTV5 - simple control of TV and DVD has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 8 reviews.