BT 4600 Triple Cordless Big Button Phone with Nuisance Call Blocker and Answerphone



Fed up with sales calls interrupting you at home? The UK's number one phone brand brings you the new BT4600, a cordless big button phone with call control functionality that blocks nuisance or unwanted calls. Its call management feature puts you back in control, by enabling you to choose the calls you want to take and those you want to block.

Designed in the UK, the BT4600 offers you a number of great features to help you keep in contact with your loved ones. The big buttons make it easy to dial quickly and accurately and are particularly useful for anyone that has trouble dialling numbers on phones with small buttons. You can copy your contacts from one handset to another and redial previous numbers easily.

Blocks Nuisance Calls - With the BT4600 you can choose the type of calls you want to block. For example international and withheld numbers can be blocked, which account for a large proportion of unwanted sales calls. Calls still go through to the answer machine, so if it's someone you want to hear from they can still leave a message. Alternatively if there are specific numbers you want to block, you can block up to 10 numbers from getting through.

Big Buttons - The BT4600 is a sturdy and easy to use cordless phone that features big buttons. The big buttons have been thoroughly tested to ensure your 1000th press is the same as your first. The easy-to-see big buttons and backlit display makes this phone not only a practical tool for elderly customers but also is a useful aid to sight, hearing and dexterity impaired customers. It is an affordable, easy to use, attractive phone which would also be a great option for any design-conscious cordless phone buyer.

Stylish Modern Design with Quality Built-in : With its modern stylish design, and easy to read amber backlit screen with contrast control, the BT4600 will look the part in any room. To ensure you hear every word it comes with improved audio performance from our newly designed ear bowl and is simple to use. Other useful features include a handsfree speaker, 100 name and number directory that can be copied between handsets, type 2 caller display and a 50 numbers call list and a 30 number redial list.

Freedom to Move In and Around Your House - The BT4600 has a long outdoor range of up to 300m and an indoor range of up to 50m. This allows you to walk in and outside the house with freedom and without the fear of your call being interrupted or cut off due to low signal quality.

Talk hands-free - bringing the caller's voice into the room and letting you get on with things while you chat. With the BT4600 you can talk for up to 13 hours on a full charge, or have it on standby for up to 160 hours when the phone is not in use. Perfect for those long conversations, or when you need the phone close to hand.

See Who's Calling - The BT4600 has type II caller display so shows the caller's telephone number on the handset display. If the caller's number matches an entry stored in the phonebook, the name will be displayed instead. With type II caller display you can also see who is calling, even when you are already engaged in a call. (Caller Display is required from your network provider to enable this feature).

Full of Features That Are Simple to Use - Other useful features on this phone include: answerphone with up to 60 minutes recording time, conference calling, call transfer and internal calling between handsets (on multipacks), BT designed user interface, 3 line amber backlit screen with contrast control, ten handset polyphonic ringtones, five standard handset ringtones and five base ringtones with volume control and on/off facility, handsfree speaker with volume control, auto answer, secrecy feature, handset naming, keypad lock, inductive coupler, earpiece volume control, call timer, clock, low battery alert and indicator, and an out of range alert and indicator.

  • Type II Caller display
  • 50 Number calls list
  • 30 Number redial list
  • 100 Name & number with copy between handsets
  • Call Control that blocks nuisance calls