BT 200 Big Button Phone



The Big Button phone from BT has historically helped elderly and disabled users to make calls more easily by including extra-large, high visibility buttons that are comfortable to use. But there's more to it than simply an oversized keypad. After two years of research and design, BT has come up with a phone true to its heritage, but more refined, slimmer and contemporary. Key features The Big Button 200 comes with useful features to make calling much easier: Inductive coupler for use with hearing aids; Large well spaced buttons; Easy to control ringtones; Inductive couple; Built in microphone for hand-free 3 one touch quick dial buttons; Loud button for instant amplification. A great and affordable phone for those who need a little extra help in keeping in touch by phone

  • Push-button keypad with white numbers on black enlarged buttons
  • Touch-tone dialling
  • Recall and redial buttons
  • Incoming and outgoing speech amplification, incoming speech volume control
  • Speaker phone
  • Call indicator light, low battery indicator
  • Three one-touch memories, ten two-touch memories
  • Message waiting indicator light for users of BT's answering service
  • Inductive coupler

BT 200 Big Button Phone has a rating of 4.0 stars based on 1 reviews.