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Amplicomms offers high-quality products with exclusive features and a loud and clear high definition sound. With more than 25 years of experience, Amplicomms telephones, mobile phones, TV headphones and accessories are proven and reliable. Dedicated to people with hearing and sight impairments and to seniors in search of comfort and simplicity, we recommend their products. This is the latest version of the best selling TV listener, new for 2022!

Simply put, this TV listener/amplifier is one of the best on the market. It eliminates the issue of having to turn up the TV or other sound source, including MP3 players and computers, to such a high level as to interfere with others (who may or may not want to listen!). Connection is easier than ever with a digital TOSLINK connection, common on most new televisions.

The sound quality is superb and the headset is extremely comfortable, particularly during extended use. With volume control up to 125dB and adjustable tone settings, you need never miss that witty comment or important plot dialogue again. Others can still enjoy the same programme at their own comfortable volume and so harmony may be returned once more between those with whom you share your home (or even your neighbours!).

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Lightweight wireless TV listener with powerful sound and an out-of-box solution for an immediate and easy connection without cable.

  • Maximum comfort thanks to a lightweight TV listener (only 61 grammes) and orientable extra-soft earbuds for hours of listening
  • Immediate and super easy connection without cable, thanks to a built-in base microphone that captures the sound of the TV or the Hifi>
  • Alternatively, use a ilconnection with optical audio cable (TOSLINK) or audio cablestandard k 3.5 connectionmm) for high definition stereo sou - (cables supplid)
  • Loud volume (up to 125dB) and right/left balance adjustment with remote control. Ideal for seniors and hearing impaired
  • 4 sound profiles to choose the quality sound that suits you best
  • Advanced technology to enhance voices and reduce TV background noise
  • Microphone key to join conversations around you at the press of a button
  • Automatic sleep mode to save battery
  • Interference free numerical DECT technology (1.8 - 1.9 GHz)
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