TextCare - home monitoring for independent living



Picture of TextCare - home monitoring for independent living
  • TextCare - home monitoring for independent living
  • TextCare - home monitoring for independent living
  • TextCare - home monitoring for independent living
  • TextCare - home monitoring for independent living
  • TextCare - home monitoring for independent living
  • TextCare - home monitoring for independent living

In our view

We have been testing TextCare for the last few months and highly recommend it. Setup is really easy, the web control panel is clear and helpful and text alerts can be sent to up to 8 carers and family members. We particularly like the absence of monthly monitoring fees (only a modest data charge from a mobile provider is needed) and this sets it apart from other monitoring systems. For peace of mind and discrete monitoring of loved ones TextCare definitely works and is our current top choice.

TextCare home monitoring provides an easy to use solution that allows you to check whether your loved one is following their normal daily routines 24-hours a day and you’ll be alerted by text message if anything out of the ordinary happens.


How it works

No one wants to feel like they are being watched or spied on in their own home, that’s why TextCare home monitoring does not use any cameras or listening devices. Instead, small and unobtrusive sensors are placed around the home to provide you with a clear picture of your loved one’s wellbeing, while maintaining their privacy and dignity. There are no call centres involved either. Alarms and monitoring data will only be seen by family and friends, which also means that there are no monthly monitoring fees.

TextCare wanted to make it as easy and as inexpensive as possible for people to set-up and use, so that more people can help their loved ones to stay in their own homes. You will not need to hire a professional to install TextCare and your loved one will not need to have an internet connection or even a phone line, it’s that simple.


How much does it cost? TextCare costs just £199 for the main sensor covering one room and there’s no monthly monitoring fee. We recommend the Starter Pack with four sensors (£299) to give effective home coverage, and additional sensors can be added. All that you have to pay is the monthly data costs from the mobile provider (we recommend GiffGaff) this can be as low as £5 per month.


How TextCare works:

TextCare has components that make a flexible system to monitor movement, temperature, sound and light in any room. It does not use cameras so no-one can be seen.

Main Sensor

  • The main sensor has a mobile SIM card and connects to a mobile network so no need for phone lines or broadband internet connection - this makes it simple to set up
  • The main sensor also has a help button that can be pressed in case of an emergency, sending a text directly to the carer.
  • Room Sensor

  • Each additional Room Sensor that you add to your TextCare Home Monitoring System will give you a clearer picture of what is happening in your loved one's home. Movement, temperature, light and sound are all monitored by the small and discreet unit, which links wirelessly to the main sensor. They are battery powered.
  • You can add up to eight additional sensors to the Main Sensor but please bear in mind that this is the total number of additional sensors that you can add, and will include room, pendant and door sensors.
  • Pendant

  • The TextCare Pendant Sensor detects accidental falls and has a panic alarm, for enhanced safety in the home.
  • It is designed to be carried or worn by the person being monitored at all times while in the home (but note it is not waterproof so not for shower or bath use). For added peace of mind, a built in movement sensor will detect if it has been forgotten and send a report to you.
  • Over time, you will understand your relative's routine better so may wish to change when you receive alerts. Alerts can be changed at any time
  • Door Sensor
  • The TextCare door sensor can be mounted on any door that you would like to monitor for opening and closing. This could be a front door to safeguard against wandering or a fridge door to determine whether your loved one is eating as usual. The time of any activity will be stored and can be seen in a report or an alarm can be set-up for any door movement.
  • Visitor Sensor
  • Visitor sensors are a great way to keep track of when carers, friends or family members visited your loved one and for how long they stayed. Your TextCare monitoring system will automatically detect when a Visitor Sensor is within the property and store the information in your online portal. This means that there is no need to remember to swipe or tap in and out.
  • What the Webpage is for

    The online webpage provides a day-by-day view of Movement, Temperature, Sound and Light charts for the monitored home, plus Visitor, Door and Pendant status. The webpage can be accessed by computer, laptop and mobile devices. The webpage is also where you can access an overview of the system, detailed logs and user settings such as who receives alerts and how (email or text).

    How Alerts work

    It is simple to set up and edit alerts that are relevant for your specific needs. Multiple alerts can be set via the webpage to warn of abnormal routine and home temperatures as well as alterations to, or fulfilment of, scheduled visits. Alerts can be tailored making the whole system flexible for the best use of each individual situation.