Stove Alarm - protect against the greatest home fire risk


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The Innohome Stove Alarm is the easiest and most cost-effective way to improve the safety of your cooker. Cooking is one of the most important daily living activities to support independence and according to recent UK fire statistics, more than half of all recent house fires in Britain resulted from cooking. When you are older, and perhaps living alone, it is more important than ever to take care in the kitchen.

Compatible with all kinds of cookers, it is attached to the cooker hood with magnets, or to the wall or cooker panel with screws. The Stove Alarm emits a warning signal if the cooker becomes too hot, or if an empty hotplate is left on, long before any damage occurs. 

It does not interfere with normal cooking activities and is able to be reset using the  button, or when the temperature drops. If it is too sensitive and sounds an alarm when cooking normally, you just press the reset button once and it moves to the next level so learning the user's pattern and environment where they cook.

This is ideal for the forgetful and compliments smoke detectors. It is battery operated with an approximate 5 to 10 year battery life depending on the number of alerts.

The Stove Alarm detects temperature and rate of temperature increase on the cooker surface. The alarm is triggered if the temperature change is faster than in normal cooking or if the overall temperature exceeds safe levels. The Stove Alarm intelligently learns from and adjusts to individual cooking styles. Designed and built in Finland, stove alarms are becoming increasingly popular in Scandinavia. In Norway this type of device is required to be fitted as part of their standards to all new build housing. Now it is available in the UK.

  • The Innohome Stove Guard meets the upcoming EU regulations as well as Norwegian legislation, Swedish recommendations and the criteria set by the London Fire Brigade
  • Innohome is now the largest manufacturer of cooker safety products in Nordic countries with more than 20 000 installations during 2012
  • Attaches to the range hood with magnets, or to the wall or cooker panel with screws
  • Identifies overheating very early in the development of hazardous situations
  • Intelligently learns from and adjusts to individual cooking styles
  • Does not react to fumes from cooking fat, to steam or to dirt on the alarm
  • Emits a pre-alarm signal one minute before the actual alarm
  • Manual resetting of the alarm
  • Automatic resetting of the alarm triggered by falling temperature
  • Compatible with all cooker types (gas, electrical, dual-fuel)
  • Low-battery alarm, can be postponed for 12 hours
  • Audible alarm signal 85dB/10 cm
  • Battery life of 5 years
  • Dimensions 30x60x45 mm
  • User guide
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