Oven Guard - protection from oven fires



According to the latest statistics, in Great Britain the main cause of accidental fires in dwellings remains the misuse of equipment or appliances, with 13,300 cases recorded in 2013-14. Cooking appliances (mainly cookers including ovens) were the source of ignition for more than half of these.

OvenGuard acts as an automatic timekeeper keeping a watch over electric ovens, electric hobs and electric grills and ensuring they are automatically switched off even when left unattended. This innovative product is a simple, electrical safety device that sits discretely next to an electric oven. Once the box has been installed and the timer set, OvenGuard can be left to ensure the safety of those using it. The electric oven will be automatically shut down once the set period of time has elapsed.

  • User Configurable – Timers can be factory programmed to suit individual requirements.
  • Simple Installation by a qualified electrical engineer - suitable for new installations and retro-fitting into existing kitchens
  • Failsafe operation – Pressing the red button switches the system on – and off. At any time pressing the red button means you can isolate the oven from the electrical supply. And any failure of the switch also stops the power automatically.
  • Easy to Use – Once installed the system is operated by the simple press of a switch
  • There is a light or display to tell you the system is on and working and either lights (LED) or a read out (LCD) to tell you how much time remains.

    OvenGuard is a simple electrical safety system that acts as an automatic timekeeper for your oven and hob. The system consists of two components – the Switch (LED or LCD) and the Guard Box (mechanical circuit breaker) and can support electrical installations up to 50 amps. The Switch controls the timing, and comes pre-configured with either 30 or 60 minute timers. This can be altered to suit individual requirements from 1 – 180 minutes. When the red button is pressed the timer automatically starts power to the oven/hob for the designated time period. You can stop the power by pressing the red button again – the default setting is ‘power off’ until you start the system. The switch controls the Guard Box which in turn controls the power to the oven/hob. When the timer has run down the switch will control the Guard Box and power will be shut off. Also, if there is an absence of the switch to control the Guard Box the default failsafe state is to stop power to the oven/hob.

    If you require more cooking time than the system allows you to press the red button twice to reset it to the original setting, meaning that the oven/hob is being attended and reducing fire risk.

    OvenGuard can only be currently used with electrical ovens, electric hobs and electric grills. Product development is currently underway for a gas version.

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