Ode - help stimulate appetite



Picture of Ode - help stimulate appetite
  • Ode - help stimulate appetite
  • Ode - help stimulate appetite
  • Ode - help stimulate appetite
  • Ode - help stimulate appetite
  • Ode - help stimulate appetite
  • Ode - help stimulate appetite

In our view

This is a really innovative new product just arrived on the market that we strongly support. The loss of appetite due to dementia is a serious problem and ode can help restore a better daily routine and improve nutrition. We recommend it!

ode is a new product for the home which uses fragrance to help promote appetite.


Plug in the device, place in a living room, and three times a day at breakfast, lunch and dinner, ode will diffuse a different, authentic food fragrance ahead of mealtimes.


Choose which times of day ode comes on using three simple clockface dials. The fragrances will last approximately three months depending on the temperature and ventilation in the room.


ode has been designed to support people with dementia and Alzheimer’s who have had difficulties in wanting to eat. It is one of five products championed by The Department of Health and UK Design Council’s ‘Living Well With Dementia Challenge’. Ode has also been chosen as one of nine designs named as an ‘Innovation in Care’ and has been featured in the publication of the Dutch Hedy d’Ancona Prize.


Starter Pack includes:

  • 1 x ode device
  • 1 x power cable
  • 3 x liquid fragrance bottles (orange juice; bakewell tart; homemade curry)
  • ode has been created for people living with dementia, including Alzheimer’s. As their condition advances many people with dementia lose weight as their appetite reduces. They then may experience many of the problems associated with malnutrition such as dehydration, delerium and muscle wastage.

    ode is suitable for many different lifestyles and residential settings. It can be used by people living in their own homes, and also people in sheltered accommodation, care homes and nursing homes.

    Smell is unique among our senses. It is the only one directly connected to the brain’s limbic system and in particular the amygdala – the part associated with emotional response and memory. This is why aromas can be so evocative, and can prompt certain moods or behavioural responses.

    Getting your ode started is easy. Slot in your three fragrance cartridges: one for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Set the timer for each meal so that each fragrance comes on when the person using ode usually eats. Then plug-in and go. At each mealtime, ode comes on for a two hour window. ode’s patent pending technology means that within this period, the fragrance switches on and off on a cycle. Rather than getting used to the fragrance, you will be more likely to notice it while it’s on.

    • odes are currently made to order. After confirmed payment it will take four weeks to produce and mail your ode.
    • ode uses a wall mounted CE safety-rated power supply
    • ode is rated as SELV (Safety Extra-Low Voltage)
    • 1 ode device diffuses fragrance into an average sized living room of 17m2. Larger rooms may require 2 or more odes
    • Fragrances are not edible; do not ingest
    • Patent Pending