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We think that this is a really good idea. What better way to use technology than to care for your parents or grandparents with a discrete yet powerful system to make sure that they are safe. Peace of mind and affordable, at a time when so many live far away from loved ones this gives reassurance to everyone using it.

Just Checking is an easy-to-use online activity monitoring system that helps people who are becoming forgetful stay independent in their own home. The system is easy to install, simple to use, and creates a clear chart of daily living activity that you can view securely online. You’ll find no snooping cameras or microphones here, just discreet wireless motion sensors and a plug-in controller. Just Checking is the easiest way to care when you physically can’t be there.

Just Checking could make the difference between your loved one going into care or continuing to live in their own home for as long as possible. The surprising truth is that many people with memory problems, including those with Alzheimer’s, can live in the familiarity of their own home quite easily. But of course, you need to know that for sure. Just Checking provides an accurate picture that can prove your loved one is getting on with their daily life – all without losing their privacy.

Just Checking gives an up- to-the-minute report as a person gets on with their daily life. All without being intrusive or depriving them of their privacy. You can set alerts to let you know if things are not quite as expected. Just Checking could make the difference between your loved one going into care and being able to stay living in their own home for as long as possible.

The system is rented for £90 per month, plus a £300 refundable deposit. The initial price here is the deposit and first month of system rental, you will pay further rentals directly to Just Checking. This is a 0% VAT eligible product for those who qualify - in this case the price is reduced to £250 deposit and £75 per month rental.

  • Just Checking provides a chart of daily living activity, via the web. If you’re concerned about a family member who lives alone and is becoming forgetful, Just Checking will give you a better understanding of daily living patterns, without being intrusive or invading privacy. Most people maintain a good daily routine in the familiarity of their own home, and may be managing better than you think.
  • How it works - Small wireless sensors in the main rooms of the house generate a chart of activity as the person goes about their daily life.
  • Alerts - Once you have the overall picture you can set up text or email alerts for circumstances where you might need to take a closer look: Not up and about, Visitor late, Door left open, Exit. Used wisely, Just Checking will help you to support independence and share the care between family members and other care services. Remember though, Just Checking does what it says on the box; it is not an emergency alarm system.
  • Easy to install : Self-install - video on website; Sensors attach to doorframes and walls with Velcro; Controller plugs in to electrical socket; No broadband or telephone line required
  • What’s in the web-service: Data uploaded in real time through mobile network; All network charges covered; View charts on-line, secure website; Configurable email or text alerts; Set up multiple family users
  • Our 14 day money back guarantee means you can try Just Checking risk free. If it is not for you, let us know within 14 days and we’ll cancel the subscription. We’ll even send you a Freepost package to return the kit. Once we have the kit back in full working order, we’ll refund your payment in full.