Geemarc CLA40 Vox Telephone Amplifier


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Geemarc CLA40 vox in line telephone handset amplifier. A useful product to substantially boost the listening volume of your existing telephone. Ideal for those who find their telephone not as loud as it used to be!

This battery powered unit is only for use with telephones with a detachable handset using a 4 pin modular (RG-10) connector.The CLA40 vox has a notched tone adjustment but with its shorter physical movement is more difficult to set – but when set you would rarely need to adjust it. It has an easy to use slider control with 30dB gain plus a 10dB 'Boost' button for occasional added amplification (40dB max gain).Size: 60 x 100 x 30mm. Requires one PP3 battery, NOT supplied.

  • Adjustable receiving volume control
  • Up to 40dB with Boost button (+10dB)
  • Receiving tone control
  • Bass: normal, -5dB, -10dB;Treble: normal, -5dB, -10dB
  • Handset matching switch (12 positions). Wall mountable
  • Size: 6 x 3.5 x 10 cm;1 x 9V PP3 battery (non included)