Geemarc CL7300 - Additional Headset


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An additional headset for the CL7300. Please note that this will not work by iteself - it is to be used as a second headset for the main unit.


  • Large up/down controls for volume level adjustment
  • Selection of either stereo or mono mode
  • Built-in Digital treble/bass adjustment (+/-10dB )
  • Balance control left/right
  • Auto power ON for headset when the arms are open
  • Comfortable, lightweight, under-the-chin style headset
  • Base plugs directly into your TV

    We can also supply a additional battery for your CL7300


  • Digital 2.4 GHZ AFHSS transmission (Adaptive Frequency Hopping) – CD quality of sound!
  • 79 channels (20 hopping channels)
  • Receiving amplification up to 125dBspl.
  • Frequency response : 45 - 15000Hz
  • Operating indoor range up to 25 meters from the transmitter
  • Continuous usage time : 3 hours
  • Charged when you need it - headset recharges itself when paced back into the base unit
  • Base unit has a charging port for extra battery
  • 3.5mm audio input stereo jack access in base unit
  • 2.5mm microphone input jack access in base unit
  • Weight :50g