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Picture of Fuss Free Phones - annual subscription and FREE phone
  • Fuss Free Phones - annual subscription and FREE phone
  • Fuss Free Phones - annual subscription and FREE phone
  • Fuss Free Phones - annual subscription and FREE phone
  • Fuss Free Phones - annual subscription and FREE phone

In our view

We are pleased to present a really helpful new service in partnership with Fuss Free Phones. Doro phones are already the market leaders for seniors, providing easy to use, loud and clear mobiles. This has now got even easier for those who do not wish to, or are not able to, remember how to program numbers, dial or create text messages. All this can be done for you with a friendly service that is reached by simply pressing the large "SOS" button on the rear - it's that easy! The trusted and popular Doro 614 phone is only £79 to buy with this service (or free if signing up for 12 months) and then just £20 a month to use with adequate minutes to call. This is very competitive compared to any other mobile phone contract, and flexible terms, cancel at any time. 0% VAT relief is available to those who qualify, making it an even more affordable service providing peace of mind and convenience, as well as reliable emergency contact if it is needed. We highly recommend this service and think it's a great addition to the range of products and services we offer to help our goal of ageing well.

Fuss Free Phones provides national coverage and a UK call centre that puts calls through to your friends and relatives. We’ve paired it with the popular Doro PhoneEasy ® 614, which is a stylish and durable clamshell phone with a charging cradle and a big call button.

When you receive the Doro phone you send Fuss Free Phones the phone numbers of the people you might want to call – your relatives, friends, services you use, local shops, emergency contacts and so on – as many as you like. The numbers are kept safe and never revealed to anyone else. When you want to call your contacts you press the big button on the back of the phone to call the friendly Fuss Free Phones call centre and ask to be put through to the person you want to talk to. It saves programming the phone memory or remembering or writing down numbers. You simply ask for the person you want and get put through. You can even dictate a text message, and if you receive a text response they will read that to you. It’s just like having your own concierge service.

And because Fuss Free Phones has your call list, you can opt to only receive calls from the numbers on your list. The call centre answers any other calls. If it’s a PPI call they reject it, if it’s your optician they put the call through to you. Now that’s really helpful!

This is a really popular service with our customers because it’s so convenient and the no nuisance calls feature completely stops any unwanted calls before they reach you. You can call the call centre as many times as you like 24 hours a day and they will put you through. Or you can use the phone’s keypad to dial the numbers yourself if you prefer. You are not tied to a lengthy contract and can cancel at any time with 30 days notice.

Fuss Free Phones costs £20 per month for 600 minutes of call time and unlimited texts, and the phone is £79. As a special offer Fuss Free Phones will give you the Doro 614 free when you buy an annual subscription for £220 and the no-nuisance calls feature is also free. 

  • Fuss Free Phones is a UK mobile network operating on O2 3G.
  • It is designed to work with Doro phones.
  • You will receive a new mobile phone number when you subscribe to the service. The number will be printed on the phone for convenience.
  • The call centre is in the UK and employs only native English speaking telephonists.
  • The service costs £20 (inc. VAT) per month for 130 minutes of call time and unlimited texts. Fuss Free Phones will let you know if you get close to your call time limit and either add extra minutes for the remainder of the month at 25p per minute or start next month early. You will never get a surprise bill.
  • No-nuisance calls stops calls from people who are not on your call list. The Fuss Free Phones call centre will answer those calls on your behalf and then decide how to handle the call. If it’s an obvious sales call it will be rejected, other calls may be put through to you if they appear to be genuine.
  • You will be automatically registered with the Telephone Preference Service unless you request not to be.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How does it work?

A: Fuss Free Phones (FFP) is a mobile network proving a telephonist-based service for older people. Our customers press the big button on the back of the mobile phone and get through to a telephonist who will place the phone call for you.

Q: What other services do you provide?

A: It’s all based around a telephonist service. For example you can call them and ask:

    • To be put through to a friend or relative.
    • To dictate a text message and send that.
    • For the telephonist to find a phone number for you and call it.
    • To add more numbers to the list of phone numbers you want to call.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: It’s £20 per month (including VAT) and for that you get the mobile phone service and 24 hour, 7 days a week access to our telephonists to place calls. If you buy the mobile phone from us it costs £50 for the Doro 614. If you want to buy a year’s subscription up front for £240 we will give you the phone for free.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Simply order online, or call us. We need your name and address so we can send you the phone and payment details. We take payment for the phone by card and then for the monthly service we can either use the same card or set up a direct debit with you. We take the details for that during set-up process.

Q: Can I cancel after I’ve bought?

A: Yes, we’ll refund the cost of the phone when you return it in its original packing and we’ll cancel the service immediately. You get a 30-day full money back guarantee – no quibble!

Q: Is it a fixed price?

A: Yes the monthly payment of £20 includes 600 minutes of call time, which is normally more than enough. If you go over you can buy more minutes at 15p per minute. If you’re using lots more minutes we can put you on a different tariff which will be a bit more expensive, but we never charge you more than £20 without first telling you. That’s a promise.

Q: Do I sign a contract?

A: No there is no contract to sign. You can have the service for as long or as short as you like.

Q: What about dialling premium numbers?

A: If you dial a premium rate number the call will go to our telephonists who will check that you meant to dial a more expensive call and then put you through. They will tell you how much it costs.

Q: Does the 130 minutes per month include time calling the call centre?

A: Yes, the call time with the call centre is in the package and comes out of the 130 minutes.

Q: Can I call abroad from the UK?

A: Yes, but the call will always go through our telephonists first even if you dial the number direct. It’s to protect you from high cost calls.

Q: Can I use the phone abroad?

A: No, at the moment because of the high costs of taking mobile phones abroad, you can’t use the phone when you’re travelling out of the country.

Q: Does the FFP service cover the whole of the UK?

A: Yes, the O2 network backs us so we’re using the latest network features and coverage is the same as the O2 network. We can tell you whether we cover your area.

Q: Can I change to another network if O2 doesn’t cover my area?

A: No unfortunately we can’t change to another network. We have an exclusive agreement to use the O2 network so if it doesn’t work where you are we are a bit stuck and the service may not be for you.

Q: Can I share the phone with someone?

A: Yes, just tell the telephonist it might be you or someone else calling and we’ll try not to get confused. You can even each have your own set of numbers you want to call.

Q: When I use the telephonist does the person I’m calling see my number?

A: Yes, they see the number of your mobile phone not the number of our call centre, so they know it’s you.

Q: Can I text?

A: Yes you can text someone directly from the keypad or you can push the button and ask the telephonist to text for you. Just dictate the text.

Q: How do I know the payment method is safe?

A: Because we comply with the regulations about card payments and want to keep your business. We don’t store payment card details.

Q: Who owns the mobile phone?

A: You do. If you cancel the service you keep the phone. The phone is unlocked so you can put another phone card (SIM card) into it and use it as a regular phone but you won’t have access to the telephonist service any longer.

Q: Do I have to go through the telephonist each time?

A: No, you can dial a number on the phone’s keypad if you want. Or you can send a text yourself. Think of us as an additional service.

Q: Can the phone receive calls?

A: Yes the telephonist button is an added feature of the phone. Otherwise it’s a normal mobile phone and you can make and receive calls.

Q: How do I add the phone numbers that can be called?

A: There is a form in the phone’s box that you can complete with your own details, for example how you like to be addressed when we answer the phone. You also add the names and phone numbers of the people you want to call. You send that to us and we load the numbers into our database.

Q: Can I add more numbers?

A: Yes, you can always add more numbers and names by pressing the button on the back of your phone and talking to one of our telephonists.

Q: Can I update my numbers using the Internet?

A: No, not at the moment but we may add this feature later.

Q: Can I transfer my existing mobile number to the new phone?

A: No, at the moment we can’t use your old number so we issue you with a brand spanking new one. If you want us to inform your contacts of your new number we can do that for you.

Q: Can you stop me getting nuisance calls?

A: Yes, our call centre can receive calls made to your FFP number. Those numbers that are on your list can be put straight through to you without us answering. Those that are not we can either ignore or answer and determine whether to put them through to you or not. We base this on what calls you’ve told us you want to receive.


Q: What’s the phone?

A: It’s a phone made by Doro. They are a well know manufacturer of phones for older people, so the phone has bigger buttons and a very clear screen.

Q: What accessories does it come with?

A: You get a desktop charger (the docking station) so the phone can be left on all the time and you know the battery is fully charged.

Q: Is it expensive to charge the battery?

A: No, it costs under 50p per year.

Q: Is it dangerous to leave the phone charging all the time?

A: No, the phone is designed to be used like that. Leaving the phone switched on in the docking station ready to receive calls is the best way to use it.

Q: Does it work with hearing aids?

A: Yes, it’s designed to work with hearing aids and the speaker is loud and clear.

Q: How long does the battery last?

A: It will easily last all day so when you get home get into the habit of putting it into the docking station to recharge the battery.

Q: What happens if I break it?

A: The Doro phone is designed to be strong but if the phone breaks we will send you a replacement for the same cost as the original phone. You will need to ask someone to change the phone (SIM) card to the new phone. The telephonist will know you’ve changed your phone over.

Q: What happens if I lose it?

A: We can send you a replacement for the same cost as the original phone. You will need to ask someone to change the phone (SIM) card to the new phone. The telephonist will know you’ve changed your phone over.

Q: What happens if it stops working?

A: Phone us on the Freephone number which is on the Fuss Free Phones website and we’ll take you through a basic test of the phone to make sure it’s genuinely faulty. If it is you send it back to us and we will send you a replacement free of charge if you’ve had the phone for less than 2 years. If it’s over 2 years we’ll do our best to keep any replacement costs to an absolute minimum.

Q: What other features does the phone have?

A: It has a phonebook, speakerphone, allows text messaging, and is an alarm clock, calendar, calculator and FM radio. You can also change the general settings on the phone with different languages and sounds. It also has Bluetooth so you can use a wireless earpiece with it.

Q: Does it have a loud ringer?

A: Yes, and you can choose from a range of ringer tones.

Q: Can it connect to the Internet?

A: No the Doro phone is not a smartphone (which is why it costs only £50) so you can’t connect to the Internet. We will launch smartphone versions later.

Q: What happens when I want to change the phone?

A: You speak to the telephonist and they will tell you what range of phones we currently have for you to choose from, and the cost.

Q: Can I trade in my old phone?

A: No, but we can recommend how you can sell it and turn it into cash. And how much you’re likely to get for it.


  • We research every product to present you only the best on the market
  • Friendly customer service - we care about your shopping experience
  • 14 day no-quibble return policy
  • VAT relief available for those who qualify
  • Free standard delivery for orders over £50
  • Next working day courier service available
  • Fast and reliable packing service - orders placed before 3pm Monday to Friday and in stock dispatched the same day
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