FireAngel Digital Carbon Monoxide Alarm



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This is a product for everyone, essential for every home regardless of age. Carbon monoxide is often overlooked as a risk and not installed as routinely as smoke alarms. This can really save lives and it is a quality brand designed for older people who may have hearing problems, it links to other FireAngel components that can alert anyone in danger.

Carbon monoxide is a harmful, potentially fatal gas that is produced by incomplete combustion of fossil fuels. Home appliances that burn gas, wood, oil or coal can produce CO, but you can't smell, see or taste it. The best way to tell whether you're at risk is to fit a CO detector in your home.


The FireAngel Carbon Monoxide Alarm monitors the levels of CO in the atmosphere and, if harmful levels are detected, it alerts you to the hazard with a loud alarm and an LED flashing light. The sensors in the CO alarm uses the most advanced and effective patented eletrochemical technology available to home users.


The FireAngel lasts for seven years and boasts an extremely high degree of accuracy.

  • Digital display
  • Alert user to presence of carbon monoxide with 85dB alarm (at 1 metre) and a red flashing LED
  • Length: 12.5cm( 4⅞")
  • Height: 7.4cm (2⅞")
  • Depth 4cm (1½")
  • Weight of product: 120g (7.05oz)
  • Sensor works using Electrochemiical cell technology
  • Can be wall, ceiling or shelf mounted
  • Warranty: 7 years
  • Battery type: 7 year sealed for product life
  • Independently tested to conform to BS EN 50291:2001