Emporia Big Button Combi Phone GD-61 fixed and cordless


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Emporia is a trusted Austrian brand specialising in easy to use phones for seniors since 1991. Newly launched in the UK for 2020, the range of phones covers basic mobiles, simple smartphones and great new home phones, both fixed line and cordless. There will be a model in the Emporia range to suit everyone with a focus on large buttons, loud sounds (hearing aid compatible), easy user features and of course the quality expected from a respected European brand. We are proud to introduce Emporia to our wide range of specialist phones and are happy to help you in selecting the most appropriate for your needs.

Comfort telephone with large keys, including DECT cordless telephone

and fully digital voicemail

· Giant keys and really easy to use

· Fantastic handset volume

· HAC hearing aid compatible

· Hands-free feature

· Illuminated display

· Calling line identification display

· Power-saving Eco mode

· Multilingual menus

· Recording time up to 60 min

You can add up to 5 additional handsets to make a home network.

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Digital system benefits

· Call waiting

· Brokering

· Query

· 3-way conference call

· Automatic call back if busy (CCBS)

· Call redirect

· Appointment call

DECT system benefits

· Crystal clear voice quality

· GAP compatible

· Multilink – up to 5 handsets/base station

· Multibase – 1 handset can register with up to 4 base stations

· Free calls between handsets

· Forwarding of external calls with query option

· Accepting an external call while an internal call is in progress

· Forward calls from comfort telephone to handset and vice versa

Calling line identification

· Shows the caller's number

· Caller list with up to 30 entries (of max. 25 digits)

· Display new calls

· Date and time of calls (real time from telephone network)

· Browsing in the caller list

· Call back option from caller list

· Delete individual entries from the caller list

· CLIR – withhold calling line identification

Saving/programming and backing up

· Phone book with 59 memory slots (30 for the handset, 29 for the comfort telephone)

· 3 speed dial keys on the comfort telephone

· Redial for last 5 numbers

· Notepad function

· Keypad lock

· PIN code (4-digit)


· Tone dial

· Hands-free feature

· Dialling via various network operators (call by call)

· Dialling preparation/block dial with editing function

· Blacklisting possible

Displays and alerts

· Large display (3-line)

· Backlight

· Multilingual menus, choice of 8 languages

· 10 different ringtones

· Adjustable ringer volume (5 + off)

· Adjustable handset volume

· HAC – hearing aid compatible

· Time and battery status display

· Audible warning - battery nearly exhausted

· Signal field strength display

· Audible range warning

· Call duration display

· Keypad beep can be enabled/disabled

Comfort telephone

· With built-in base station

· 3 speed dial keys

· Hearing aid compatible – no whistling for hearing aid users, amplified volume

· Red LED flashes on incoming call

· Calls also possible if the handset has been »mislaid«

· Emergency call feature – calls possible even in case of power outage



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