Doro PhoneEasy 520X Mobile Phone


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The PhoneEasy 520X is a robust, hard wearing, mobile phone is designed to lead a hard life and withstand the occasional drop onto hard flooring. The lockable battery cover ensures the battery stays where it should and its sealed keypad helps keeps dirt, grim and moisture out of its internals. Its large, domed buttons help you to easily distinguish each button easily and can even to be used when wearing gloves. Durable feel, great sound and large buttons for easily adjusting the volume in outdoor environments.

There’s also a large button torch, and you’ll enjoy taking and sharing photos thanks to the 3MP camera with flash, sharp colour display and MMS picture messaging. Direct memories make calling easier, while direct SMS button and Predictive text simplify messaging. Plus long battery life.

You may wish to protect your phone with an original Doro carry case

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  • Louder than normal earpiece
  • Emergency assist button
  • Charging cradle
  • Bluetooth support
  • Two dedicated quick dial buttons and you can also assign additional speed dials to the number buttons
  • Three megapixel camera with a dedicated camera button. Take a photos of your friends and family and see their picture each time they phone
  • FM radio, calculator and calendar
  • Hands free speakerphone and Bluetooth
  • Emergency call button. Programme up to five emergency numbers and by holding the emergency button, the phone will automatically send a personalised text message to each of the numbers then begin dialling each number in turn until a call is answered
  • Compatible for use with hearing aids - rated M4/T4 when using 3G