Doro Magna 2005 cordless phone




offer Picture of Doro Magna 2005 cordless phone

This is a cordless home phone with a modern design that has been specifically designed for people who have hearing impairments. The base of the phone is heavily amplified and has three direct memory keys to enable calling from the base itself – the base also acts as an amplified speaker. In addition to this, the Doro Magna 2005 has a built in answer phone – allowing messages to be played both through the handset and the speaker on the base.

Ergonomically designed, and hearing aid compatible, the Magna 2005 offers a sensitive approach to living with the changes age can bring to our hearing. The inclusive design of the handset also includes large keys and a clear LCD display – making it both easier to see and use.

  • Very loud ringer with 90dB and a flashing light to indicate incoming calls.
  • Large well-spaced keys with clear number icons for easy dialing.
  • Bright, crisp LCD display provides instant caller ID and makes it easy to see who is calling.
  • Boost button gives +40dB instant uplift in handset volume enabling a call to be heard more clearly when a little extra volume is needed.