The Day Clock - proven effectiveness



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offer Picture of The Day Clock - proven effectiveness
  • The Day Clock - proven effectiveness
  • The Day Clock - proven effectiveness
  • The Day Clock - proven effectiveness
  • The Day Clock - proven effectiveness
  • The Day Clock - proven effectiveness

In our view

As a really simple and helpful idea this can't be beaten. While not a traditional clock it has shown to help people who are getting confused by time and bring comfort for both them and their carers. We think it's great!

Helpful for people living with dementia by simply and clearly displaying the time of day as morning, afternoon, evening or night. People living with dementia can lose the ability to recognise what the time is and even whether it is day or night. This can cause many challenges for them and for their primary carers. The Day Clock can significantly help people with dementia maintain their daily routine and reduce anxiety about the time of day and missing key events.

The Day Clock has been developed by Bath Institute of Medical Engineering and features a simple and clear display showing the time of day as either morning, afternoon, evening or night. The Day Clock is ideal for people living with later stages of dementia.

Recommended positions for the Day Clock are in the kitchen, in the bedroom, by the phone, next to the calendar or by the door - all of these locations prove useful in giving the maximum benefit to users.

Most customers will compare this product to the Digital Calendar Clock as an alternative. We like and recommend both, as you will see the Day Clock with only periods of day rather than exact time and date is often better for later stage dementia sufferers, while the Digital Calendar Clock suits early to mid stage - indeed being useful for anyone who likes to know the time and day clearly. Both are suitable for any room.

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  • Clear and simple display of time period - please note that the exact time and date is not shown due to the specialised nature of use
  • Works well at night and in the day
  • Four flexible night and day period settings (morning, afternoon, evening, night)
  • Plug and Play straight from the box (date requires set-up)
  • Tamper proof button sequencing to eliminate accidental interference
  • Keeps track of the correct time even when on standby
  • Maintenance free usage
  • Optional corner lights for prominent night time use
  • 12 months warranty
  • Can also be used as a digital photo frame when used with a SD card
  • Comes complete with mains adaptor
  • Font size height: 2 centimeters
  • Font size width: 10 centimeters
  • Screen size (inches): 6.2 x 3.4
  • Screen size (cm): 15.8 x 8.7
  • External size (inches): 8.5 x 6.5
  • External size (cm): 21.6 x 16.4
  • User manual -
The Day Clock - proven effectiveness has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 73 reviews.