Crescendo Personal Listener - great for boosting sound


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In its simplest form the Crescendo 60 is a personal communicator which can be used with or without an hearing aid.

Using the internal microphone the Crescendo 60 personal listener is an excellent communication tool helping to boost volume and tone levels.

If you wear a hearing aid it will allow you to use it to its maximum potential, if you do not use a hearing aid the Crescendo 60 personal listener will act as a hearing aid and allow you to pick up loop signals.

Anyone who struggles to hear conversation or tv/radio broadcasts would benefit from this system.

  • An easy to use on/off volume control
  • A built in microphone enabling the amplifier to be used in conversation and for TV viewing without trailing leads
  • A rotary tone control
  • An indicator light showing when the amplifier is switched on
  • A loop listening facility – the user can listen to a loop system in a church or theatre etc. without a hearing aid
  • Battery powered by 2x AA Alkaline batteries

If you purchase this system you will receive: Crescendo 60 Amplifier; a choice of headsets; beltclip; neck cord; 2xAA batteries and operating instructions

  • Dimensions: L 95mm x W62mm x H25mm (excluding Belt Clip)
  • Weight: 70g without batteries, 120g with batteries
  • Materials : ABS Plastic casing
  • Performance : Frequency response +/- 3dB 175KHz -18KHz
  • Maximum Gain : 43dB
  • Tone Control : +8/-15dB at 100Hz; +/-8dB at 5KHz
  • Maximum Audio Output - 128dB using 307-105 Headset
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