Arthritic Gloves - Trioxon coating assists in the retention of natural heat



Helpful for anyone who suffers from arthritis in the hands. Thermoskin Thermal Arthritic Gloves are anatomically shaped and secured with a velcro fastening. They provide warmth and compression. The velcro closure allows for added comfort and the outer layer is textured for additional grip. They help to keep the hands warm and mobile but the finger ends are left open to enable the user to grip and feel things without restriction. Grip is further enhanced by the specially textured outer fabric.

The gloves also help to reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries in the hand. They close snugly around the hand with a sturdy Velcro fastening.

What makes Thermoskin Thermal Support different to any other support is that the inside is lined with a Trioxon coating. Trioxon assists in the retention of the body's natural heat, thus promoting healing. The construction of Trioxon allows for much improved ventilation and perspiration control at the affected site. The wearer therefore remains comfortable and can enjoy the benefits of Thermoskin Thermals for longer.

  • Anatomically shaped and secured with an easy to adjust velcro fastening. Provide warmth and evenly-spread compression to reduce the swelling and pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis and overuse injuries.
  • Measure around the circumference of the hand around the knuckle.
  • XS - Extra small - 15 - 17cm, 6 - 6 3/4in
  • S - Small - 18 - 20cm, 7 - 7 3/4in
  • M - Medium - 21 - 23cm, 8 - 8 3/4in
  • L - Large - 24 - 26cm, 9 1/4 - 10in
  • XL - Extra Large - 27 -29cm, 10 3/4 - 11 1/2in
  • XXL - Extra Extra Large - 30+cm, 11 3/4+in