Amplicomms TV2500 TV listener


0% VAT £116.66


Wireless Amplified headset. High quality sound transmission, for personal amplification of sound sources – TV, HiFi, iPod/iPhone and CD/MP3 Players. Now with TOSLINK digital audio input.

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  • Superior comfort for long term use
  • Sensitive built-in microphone enables hearing surrounding close proximity area (personal on/off activation from the headset)
  • Mute sound source when surrounding communication occurs
  • Stereo transmission ear phones deliver CD quality life-like stereo sounds (up to 120 dB) direct to your ears
  • Easy to use adjustable volume control
  • Adjustable Tone Control & Balance for optimal personal hearing
  • Completely wireless – easy plug-and-play connection
  • 2.4 GHz Digital UHF Transmission – secured signal through walls, ceilings and floors offers complete manoeuvrability at home without loss of sound
  • Rechargeable receiver (batteries included) with speed charging mechanism and simultaneous spare battery recharge
  • Ultra Clear Stereo/Mono Sound
  • Auto Off function when no audio signal is played
  • Supplied with external microphone and attachment

Amplicomms TV2500 TV listener has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 2 reviews.