Amplicomms Powertel 711 voice assisted amplified phone


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Highly amplified DECT with Voice Assisted Menu and Caller ID, voice prompt for each button and command. Loud volume with minimal distortion. Unique personal profile with automatic high frequency boost.

  • Clear vocalised announcement in English for all buttons, numbers, call list and menu commands (switchable on/off)
  • Extra loud adjustable ringer volume >90 dB
  • Incredible brilliant sound with less than 1.5% distortion at full amplification
  • Vocalised guidance through menu options and settings
  • Amplified volume adjustment on handset >40 dB
  • Hearing aid compatible (highest level)
  • Hands free speakerphone
  • Equaliser tone control
  • 9 ring tones on mobile handset (incl. 5 polyphonic ring tones)
  • 9 ring tones on base station
  • Alert function / Alarm
  • 5 volume settings plus switch-off function for ring tones on base station
  • Volume amplification button with memory (Boost) on handset for better reception
  • Several users can program their personal volume and tone preference which can be recalled at a touch of a button
  • 2-lines, extra large dot-matrix LCD display, 24x72 dots (one line of numbers and letters and one line of characters) with bright backlit display
  • Caller ID Presentation (CLIP) with storage of the last 30 incoming numbers
  • Extra bright LED for visual alert of incoming calls