Amplicomms Bigtel 40


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For the hard of hearing or visually impaired, or for anybody suffering from memory loss, everyday tasks such as using a telephone can become a constant struggle. Designed with these difficulties in mind, the Amplicomms BigTel 40 Plus Big Button Amplified Corded Telephone with Big Buttons is a corded telephone with adjustable volume and larger buttons, offering the added ability to programme numbers to assist with memory issues.


  • Receiver Volume: Up to 40dB
  • Ringing Volume: Up to 90dB
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • NO power cord needed
  • SOS button
  • Audio

    • Premium hearing aid compatibility
      (improved reception in receiver)
    • Reception volume up to twenty times louder than usual (max. 40 dB)
    • Rings up to five times louder than a normal telephone (max. 90 dB)
    • Receiver tone control
    • Adjustable receiver volume and ring tone volume



    • 6 programmable direct dial photo buttons
    • Extra large buttons
    • Easy to use because of the large buttons,
    • LED display “Phone is ringing”
    • 2 flash times can be set (100/300) 



    • 10 speed dial storage slots
    • Can be wall mounted
    • Redial
    • Tone dialing
    • Capable of dialing extensions
    • 2 flash times can be set (100/300) 
    • Dimensions (width x depth x height): Telephone: 175 x 205 x 80 mm
    • Weight: 585 g
    • Color: Silver