3rings - connect the family for reassurance



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  • 3rings - connect the family for reassurance
  • 3rings - connect the family for reassurance

In our view

Some of the best ideas are the simplest. The thinking behind 3rings is that when everything is OK with you loved one living alone, there will be daily activity that uses electrical items such as a kettle. When this is in use, all family members can see this online or with a mobile app. If this regular pattern stops for any reason, an alert is sent and you can make contact to check all is well, keeping the family up to date and reassured. Using a mobile connection, no internet is needed in the home and it is so simple to set up. There is also flexibility, the subscription to keep everyone connected can be cancelled at any time.

Plug in, turn on and connect your loved ones to all the family. 3rings is designed to make your life better.

3rings gives daily reassurance by sending emails and messages to your 3rings app as well as timely alerts by text or calls when changes in behaviour could be cause for concern.

Daily actions, such as making coffee or watching TV, reassure you and your family, and bring your ageing Loved Ones closer. This helps maintain independent living for your Loved Ones and gives the rest of the family peace of mind.


You're in control

The 3rings Cloud Portal lets you tell us when to check your 3rings Plug for activity and who to notify for alerts.

No Internet needed

At the heart of your 3rings Plug is a mobile phone so no Internet is needed at your Loved Ones' home.

Family and Friends

Involve the whole family in your Loved Ones' care circle so they can be reassured and be on hand to help.

Easy to use

Plug in, activate and connect in minutes. Check everything's OK on the move using the 3rings app.

Real-time alerts

Family and Friends immediately get alerts by email, text, phone or in the app if something's wrong.


Family & Friends can choose to receive reassuring updates each day by email or in the 3rings app.