Revitive Advanced : the new circulation booster for feet and legs



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  • Revitive Advanced : the new circulation booster for feet and legs
  • Revitive Advanced : the new circulation booster for feet and legs

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This is the newest product from the Revitive range. It provides clinically proven relief for poor circulation in feet and lower legs. We believe that it represents great value and it has the additional features of the Isorocker to promote ankle movement during treatment and also Widepulse Waveform technology to give even more effective stimulation. Highly recommended, particularly for diabetics with lower body circulation problems.

Over a million people around the world have bought a REVITIVE Circulation Booster, helping them to improve their circulation and keep doing the things they love.

Improve Poor Blood Circulation : The Revitive Advanced Circulation Booster - a brand new an  innovative therapeutic device to relieve poor circulation, which has Class 2a Medical Certification, could make a real difference to your quality of life if you suffer from poor blood circulation. It's also diabetic friendly - this device doesn't vibrate and should not be confused with a foot massager. The patent pending IsoRocker™ System gently and involuntarily allows ankle joint movement, to replicate heel/toe raises. This action allows you to exercise the ankle joint without placing undue pressure or stress on your legs and feet. The IsoRocker is either enabled which allows the Revitive IX to pivot and rock or disabled keeping the Circulation Booster™ in a static position. A convenient carry handle makes lifting and moving the device much easier.

How the Revitive Advanced increases your blood circulation : The Revitive Advanced is a medical device designed to increase leg circulation. It uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to stimulate the muscles in your lower legs and feet to help counteract stasis and help maintain healthy legs. By placing your bare feet on each of the footpads, therapeutic electrical impulses stimulate the nerve endings on the soles of your feet. This causes the contraction and relaxation of muscles in the lower legs. This action is clinically tested & shown to increase circulation. Use Revitive Advanced daily and feel the difference in yourself. Blood flows around your body as part of the circulatory system. Our bodies were designed to be active and so when you walk your leg muscles actively contract and relax, to pump the blood up through the legs and back to the heart. Healthy leg circulation is where blood carries carbon dioxide and waste products pumped from your legs through your veins back to the heart and oxygenated blood is returned to the legs. Unfortunately if you are unable to take regular exercise, the leg muscle pumps are less active and blood flow is reduced. This can cause blood and fluid to pool in the legs and may cause swelling and discomfort. After placing both bare feet on the footpads of the Revitive Advanced Circulation Booster, increase the intensity level for the feet (levels 1-99) until you feel strong, comfortable, non-painful muscle contraction. This feels like a tingling, pins and needles sensation. You can control the intensity and duration with the easy-to-use remote control. Just 20 to 30-minutes per day is recommended to experience the benefits.

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  • Working against gravity, the series of muscle driven pumps and one-way valves in your legs act like a “second heart” to continually pump de-oxygenated blood up through your feet and legs, back to the heart. When you sit or stand for prolonged periods, the feet and leg muscles are inactive and blood flow maybe reduced significantly. This can cause discomfort and swelling. When leg health is not maintained due to age or illness, your second heart weakens.
  • EMS Explained : The Revitive™ IX Circulation Booster® uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) through two large foot pads to stimulate thousands of nerve endings in the soles of your feet. As a result, the foot and calf muscles contract and release to create a pumping action. This activates your second heart to imitate the body’s natural circulatory system in the leg. Using the Revitive™ IX Circulation Booster® for just 30 minutes per day could help maintain healthy circulation in your lower legs and feet, regardless of your age.
  • What does it feel like? You will feel mild impulses in your feet and calf muscles when you first turn the Revitive™ IX Circulation Booster®. Increase the intensity until your calf muscles gently contract and relax at a comfortable level. You can control the intensity and duration with the easy-to-use remote control. Simply sit back and relax while the soothing impulses refresh and revitalise your feet and lower legs.
  • Drug-free benefits: The Revitive™ IX Circulation Booster® has helped thousands of people increase their circulation, reduce swelling and sooth achy, heavy legs. London South Bank University research has shown that 40 minutes of inactivity in healthy people, resulted in poorer circulation and swelling in the lower legs and feet. After only 10 minutes of using the Revitive™ IX Circulation Booster®, all symptoms were significantly improved. The Revitive™ IX Circulation Booster® is the latest circulation device proven to help a healthy you.
  • Please check with your doctor before using TENS technology - it is suitable for most, but not all, people. The Circulation Booster is NOT suitable if you have a heart pacemaker, or are being treated for existing deep vein thrombosis to avoid any possibility of mobilising the clot. It is also not to be used if you are pregnant or under 16
  • Includes 4 adhesive TENS pads and a remote control
  • We recommend Revitive Cooling Foot and Leg Gel to help increase the benefits of Revitive Circulation Booster. It's a non-greasy, hydrating, cooling and calming gel to help revive tired feet and aching legs.
  • We can supply replacement pads prolong the life of your Circulation Booster.
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