Hip Care Kit



Helping you to manage those everyday tasks, leaving you free to live your life.

Reaching and stretching to get dressed can be a challenge for us all. We have put together a range of those essential items into one kit which make it easier, faster and simpler to get up and go, and enjoy the day!

Ideal for those who may have limited range movement recovering from hip surgery, dressing one handed, or anyone who may be at risk of a fall when bending over – regardless of how young or old.

The pack comprises:

  • Handigrip reacher: a firm but kind grip of the finest of items – paper, fabric, store card. When used for dressing, we have ensured it will be gentle against the skin.
  • Ezy-On Small - makes putting on conventional socks and stockings a breeze, making light work of a tiresome task.
  • Shoe Horn – the extra length helps you avoid bending over too much as well as help guide your feet into footwear.
  • Leg-Up - leg elevation supports the benefits of compression therapy but for some of us this can be difficult to achieve. The Leg-Up is an invaluable tool to help improve blood flow into your legs by lifting and lowering your limbs manually.
  • Long Handled Sponge - we want you to be able to enjoy having a good wash – and for washing those hard to reach feet, this Long Handled Sponge makes light work. It fits snugly between the toes, and using warm water or low heat of a hair dryer, you can bend the handle to shape.

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